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   Olivia St. James sobs as Jake Lance, her boyfriend of two years, leaves Arizona to play football on a full scholarship for a college in Alabama. She's not sure how she is going to handle the pain of a long-distance relationship; saying goodbye to Jake is the most difficult moment of her life. Both Olivia and Jake believe their love will survive this test, and that one day they will be together forever.

Olivia, too, embarks on her own passage of self-discovery. Leading a self-described sheltered life, she spreads her wings and leaves the comforts of home to attend college in Indiana. But during her first week on campus, Olivia encounters something she isn't looking for-Blake Carmichael, a handsome professor at her new university.

When Jake unexpectedly visits Olivia during a free weekend, the two must come to terms with their relationship. Olivia wonders if Jake can sense her growing attraction for Blake. And, Jake has something serious that he must discuss with Olivia. Will their love endure?























Great things are in the future!

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"Wish You Were Here"

Kara has it all. Perfect life. Perfect family.

Until one day a perfect tragedy leaves her holding on to a small chance that life is still worth living.

A knock echoes on the door... 








Senior year is quickly coming to a close for four teenage friends. Each looks forward to pursuing their dreams after high school graduation. Sarah Parker plans to move to Los Angeles and become an actress, and Ryan, her boyfriend of three years, is going to Atlanta to play baseball. Olivia St. James is heading to Indiana to attend college, and her boyfriend, Jake Lance, has the opportunity to play quarterback at the University of Alabama. But even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry.

During the summer after graduation, Sarah and Jake accidentally discover they have strong feelings for each other. As their relationship escalates, they must deal with the effects it has on their friendships and their futures.

A coming-of-age romance novel, Sarah follows the life of Sarah in her journey to womanhood as she comes face-to-face with betrayal and reconciliation, the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy, the depths of grief, and the ecstatic highs of love.



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